Reggae, rocksteady, ska and soul from Lawrence, Kansas.



Bayley Kate & The Running Late


5-piece Country Blues Boogie-Woogie Band from Lawrence, Kansas. Reviving the rich tradition of Americana Country Rock from the late '60s and early '70s.

North Fork


The North Fork is a Omaha and Lawrence based progressive folk rock band started in February of 2013. The band has gone through numerous changes in instrumentation, band personal, and sound--including the shift from being originally all acoustic to now having rock instrumentation. The music is written by the sole remaining original member, Cole Jeffrey (Vocals, guitar), and supported by: Marty Mootz (lead guitar), Mario Vlasic (bass, backup vocals), Alex Thiessen (drums), and Kolby Koczanowski (vibraphone, percussion).

Sky Smeed


To date, Smeed has self-released five full-length albums: Flying High (2002), The Front Steps (2004), Mill River (2006), Sky Smeed (2012) and Drive All Night (2015). His sixth album, Lunker Bass (2017), was recorded and produced at The Ninth Ward Pickin’ Parlor in Lawrence by none other than award-winning folk duo Truckstop Honeymoon (Mike & Katie West). Lunker Bass saw digital distribution on Feb. 1 and physical distribution on March 1.

Tyler Gregory


Tyler Gregory mixture of roots and blues music howls with a sense of passion and freedom. Tyler Gregory has proven himself to be a songwriter and performer that connects with people of all ages. His carefully crafted lyrics and contagious melodies have been heard bellowing across the country.



Bemsha Swing is a Jazz/R&B/Funk quartet that plays everything from Duke to Scofield, Etta to Herbie, the Meters to Muddy Waters.

Bemsha is tomorrow and yesteryear at the same time. We are journeymen musicians exploring the room, we play what we feel. Depending on the space we are in you could hear anything from an evening of jazz ballads to a night of funk-fusion improvisations. We are always searching for something new yet rooted deeply in the past.

Jenna & Martin


Lance Fahy





810 Pennsylvania

Lawrence, KS 66049